What do we look for?

Excellent quality stories in either comedy, drama or animation genres. Highly entertaining short films for non film festival audiences. Narrative  or short documentary.  As many as three hundred films/videos are submitted to the NY Short Film Concert for consideration each year. Approximately two dozen will ultimately be selected for the tour.


What doesn’t tend to work at Asbury Shorts?

Long long heavy duty dramas, violent themed shorts, educational or issues related films, experimental art type films.


Is there a maximum length?

20 minutes


Is there a minimum length?

No... the shorter the better. An average running time for a short in an Asbury Shorts Concert is 6:00 >  15:00 mins.


Are there deadlines or fees associated with submission to Asbury Shorts?

Unless the film is specifically invited to be considered for Asbury Shorts by our New Films Coordinator we charge a $15 entry fee...made out to:  Asbury Film Festival, Inc.  which helps cover mailing costs or handling fees. There is only one deadline and that's for our flagship show in Manhattan, which is generally September 30th of each calendar year.  We seek out new films year round for the Asbury Short Film Concert Tour so submissions are always welcome as long as they meet our criteria and rules.


Do I have to pay a submissions fee if I am submitting a student film?

You don't have to pay up front but if the film is chosen by the selection committee we ask for a $10 entry fee for handling charges. That's the least expensive entry fee in the country.


Can I submit a film that is a work-in-progress?   

Absolutely not.


I submitted last year. Can I resubmit my film for this year’s concert? 

You can but the chances of the film getting selected are slim.


Can I submit more than one film?   



What is your preferred format for submission?

A digital link emailed with a password or better yet a digital link that is extremely easy for our team to click on and view. If the password doesn't work or it takes a million clicks to get to the film its usually bypassed.  Also, we encourage the mailing of a DVD screener as there are many theaters where we do the show across the US that are not digitally set up and we screen the films on DVD. 


Can I submit to Asbury Shorts if I’ve already submitted to other events and am still waiting to hear back?

Asbury Shorts is not a film festival so we don't care where your short has been submitted previously and there is no age limit for a submission of a short film to Asbury Shorts.  Our audiences don't care what year the films were produced so we don't either... as long as it's fun and well produced.


When and how will I know if my film has been selected? 

We notify filmmakers ONLY if their film has been selected. If you choose to submit to Asbury Shorts USA for any of the shows on our tour or multiple shows we will not be in touch with you if your film is not selected. Just impossible with the amount of entries we receive.  Also... what we are offering filmmakers with films chosen for  Asbury Shorts Concerts  is new audiences... people in communities across the country who generally do not go to film festivals... in other words the general public.  These are folks who don't regularly see short films and our job is to bring the best in the world to their doorstep.  It's important to understand Asbury Shorts is NOT a competition. There's no awards or accolades other than a few hundred people who have never seen your film before applauding and laughing or maybe even showing some emotion when they see your film on a real cinema screen as opposed to You Tube or Vimeo.  We take award winning short films off the shelf who have had a previous festival circuit run in years past and give it new life with new audiences.  How great is that?!  The Manhattan show each fall also offers the filmmaker an opportunity to show their work to attending members of the NY TV Commercial Production Industry who might be seeking new directors. 

What are the criteria for consideration?

Films must be non-fiction/documentary or fiction/narrative.  The film must not include hate speech, excessive violence, slanderous or libelous claims or any other actionable offenses.  The film must be validly registeres for copyright, and must nor infringe any rights of privacy or publicity, IP or moral rights, including any music-related rights, nor be defamatory or indecent and may not violate any applicable laws.


Additionally you must have the authority to submit the film for our consideration, you must obtain and have all the necessary rights, including music rights, consents, authorizations and licenses covering the film.  There must not be pending or anticipated litigation regarding the film.


Who is the Audience for Asbury Shorts?

Audience size has increased every year of the show’s existence. Now over 5,000 people attend Asbury Shorts shows across the country each year. This includes the general public, professional filmmakers, industry celebs, TV commercial directors & producers, advertising agency executives, theatergoers, film distributors and folks looking to experience a unique, fast-paced evening out without awards, long speeches and the dreaded “Q & A” !


Can I Volunteer to help?

Asbury Shorts is always looking for people interested in volunteering to assist with ticket line management, reception, in the office to assist with mailings and general administrative tasks. 


 Contact Doug LeClaire  718-510-6929    © 2019 by Asbury Shorts NYC.