Fairfield Rocks!

Wow! Fairfield, Ct You Rock!! What an incredible night at The Fairfield Theatre Company. Our first Asbury Short Film Concert ever held on a Monday night and first time in Fairfield! We thought...with the Yankee game...a Monday night..first time at StageOne...we'd get maybe 50 tops to attend? Whoa! Close to 125 folks came out for the show!! And what a boisterous group! Loud laughter all night long!

Huge thanks to Guest Host Steve DiCostanzo of WPKN FM Radio, who did a great job!

Also to compatriot and advisor Linda Hali Zucker and our volunteer assistant Danniella Tompos who was on board for the first time! And massive Kudos to filmmaker Kenneth Murphy who not only screened his amazing film, "Reaching Home" he also helped promote the show for weeks and organized a wonderful pre show reception!!

Thanks to the terrific staff and tech crew at StageOne. Great to see 'ol' friends John Swetye, Didi Dobbs and Richard Dobbs, Trish Clark Alan Schur and Karen Schur.

On to Astoria with 2 shows this week!


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